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Download the best aimbot for the new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

call of duty advanced warfare aimbot
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Shooting with great precision with the Advanced Warfare Aimbot

Returning to the question of the setting in the near future, the impression given by the various trailer is to have control of a kind of superhero (and the exoskeleton helps a lot, in this sense).

It is curious, because lately the superheroes go out of fashion, even to movies for example: “when I was doing Dead Space, about 8 years ago, there was a trend in video games – people said: ‘ I want to be an ordinary person ‘. And so the hero of Dead Space is an engineer, a normal type. Today people say ‘ I want to be able to do more, I want to fly, jump, be very, very strong ‘. I do not know whether it is a cultural trend, but maybe it has to do with the desire to escape from everyday life. ”

In Advanced Warfare States don’t have an army able to fight the terrorist threat and must subcontract the war to a private military Corporation led by Jonathan Irons: Kevin Spacey plays him, one of the brightest stars of American cinema and television.

“Working with him was fantastic and gave us a lot of peace of mind. We knew that if he wanted to repeat a joke would surely have got a better result at the second attempt. ” You are not meant to be first lady, though: “asked us to be direct, told him how we thought a certain scene or a certain phrase. Saying, ‘ tell me what you want and I will try to interpret it ‘. And has also been generous with the other actors, providing suggestions or just pushing them to give up with his mere presence. ”

After concompanytion of the reintroduction of the emblem editor in the range of options that we can use to customize our alter-ego in the multiplayer mode in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the boys of Sledgehammer is back at center stage in the media to show us new images of the game.

Screenshots antiphons which today from the California subsidiary of Activision enables us to glimpse some of the decorating ideas that end up in the main campaign missions, multiplayer competitive arenas and in scenarios that will be the background of the challenges related to Exo Survival.

In this special cooperative mode of teams composed of maximum 4 users will have to defend a position from attacks by enemies that arrive in waves and that, as our soldiers will be equipped with virtual a hi-tech equipment which will include concealment systems, heat seeking grenades, drones, direct energy rifles and exoskeletons.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is expected to launch the now not-too-distant November 4 on PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox and PlayStation 4. Unlike the higher Edition for PC and current-gen platforms under development at studying Sledgehammer, the version for users of last-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft will be signed by High Moon, the Californian team who worked on the latest gaming adaptations of Transformers movie.




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